Access Control

Provide Safer Workplace

Badging based access control is slow and not safe. Face recognition access control provides employees with quick and convenient access to the workplace while preventing fraud. We provide non-stop fast facial identification that enables smooth access control.

We provide different solutions based on your needs.

  • Use SeizeFace's system together with your automatic door system to provide full access control.

  • Add SeizeFace system to the existing badging and security system as another layer of identification. 

Customer Profiling

Know Your Customers

SeizeFace solution can help you identify new and returning customers, and count visit frequencies. 94% of marketing directors consider personalization critical to their company’s success. SeizeFace's facial identification solution help you better understand your customers and provide personalized experiences to them. 

Attendance Check

Improve Your Efficiencies

There is a rising need in facial identification based attendance system in schools and events. When students/audience numbers hit the late hundreds, the inefficiency of transitional attendance systems begin to show. The deployment of SeizeFace's system poses many benefits and increase additional level of security. We provide both standalone system as well customized solutions to fit your needs. 


Let Security Robots Be Smarter

Security robots are becoming a more common sight in malls, offices, and public spaces. While developing in-house facial identification solutions can be a daunting task, SeizeFace's solution can be easily deployed on security robots and run it offline along with other services that the security robots provide. With the existing hardwares, we provide valuable add-on features to your robots at a very cost effective way.