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Our proprietary algorithms achieve state of art accuracy for 1:N facial identification tasks with lightning speed.

We can transform existing Android phones/platforms into facial identification terminals. No need to upgrade infrastructure or pay expensive usage based charges.

Facial data is stored and processed locally and safely. No dependency on cloud. No privacy concerns.



Cost Efficiency



Our Products

FaceGate App

A standalone Android app that can transform your Android phone to a 1:N facial recognition terminal immediately and achieve state of art accuracy. We design the app for ease of use. Users can register/update facial databases and perform recognition tasks at our one stop shop.

Tasks are run locally on your phone by consuming the amount of resources similar to an offline gaming app. No need to upgrade hardwares. No dependency on wifi or cloud services.

FaceGate API

Given the breadth of potential use cases across industry verticals, we embrace the creation of technology partnerships to enable full access and utilization of our technology and solutions.

We have architected our platform to ensure seamless integration with technologies such as Video Management Systems (VMS), Physical Security Information Management Systems (PSIM) and Command & Control Systems (C&C).


Use Cases

Access Control

Provide employees with quick, smooth and convenient access to the workplace and takes the enterprise security to the next level.

Attendance Check

Increase the safety of schools and work places. Reduce resources spent on attendance management.

Customer Profiling

Know your customers. Personalize the shopping experience. Offer your customers products and services they really need.


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"Reinventing 1-vs-N Face Recognition"


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