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We specialize in dealing with streaming videos.

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Our highly efficient facial recognition algorithm identifies a person from a crowd (1-vs-N identification). Tasks run on local platforms. No dependency on cloud services.

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Facial images are captured, stored, assessed and matched locally in a real-time fashion. No data transfers. No privacy concerns.


High accuracy, low cost. Our solutions take only a fraction of computational resources compared with other vendors. Tasks can run on CPU-only devices. No need to change existing hardwares. 

SeizeFace is a Silicon Valley based Artificial Intelligence company providing on-premise face recognition systems. Our solutions are fast and adorable.  We can achieve state-of-the-art accuracy by consuming only a fraction of resources.

Our Products

Software License

Use SeizeFace's 1-vs-N facial identification solution on your own devices. Run side by side with your other services. No need to change existing hardwares.

SeizeFace Terminal

One stop shop for SeizeFace's 1-vs-N facial identification solution, including pre-configured hardware and software. Handles up to 10k database.

Customized Solutions

We also offer customized solutions to meet your specific industry needs and restrictions. Contact us to find out how your industry can use SeizeFace's solutions

How it works

Plug and Play

Our solutions can be applied towards a wide range of face search use cases that require fast response time. We provide both hardware and software support that enables your existing system to recognize and adapt the changes with little or no intervention by a user. 

Real-time Recognition

SeizeFace's solutions detect faces in streaming videos on the fly, identify them against faces in a 'white list' or a 'black list', and grant or deny access based on match results. With our patent pending technologies, face searches can be done within a second. 

Instant Alert

Our mobile app helps you monitor your site, even if when you are away. Notifications will be sent to your mobile when a match is found or unauthorized personnel is entered, based on the parameters you set. 

CES 2020

"Reinventing 1-vs-N Face Recognition"


Use Cases

Access Control

Provide employees with quick, smooth and convenient access to the workplace and takes the enterprise security to the next level.

Customer Profiling

Know your customers. Personalize the shopping experience. Offer your customers products and services they really need.

Attendance Check

Increase the safety of schools and work places. Reduce resources spent on attendance management.




Make your robots more intelligent by implementing SeizeFace's facial recognition solutions on existing hardwares.


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