Edge Computing Based

1-vs-N Face Recognition

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Our highly efficient facial identification algorithm delegates tasks to local platforms. No dependency on cloud services.


Facial images are captured, stored, assessed and matched locally in a real-time fashion. No privacy concerns.

Cost Efficient

High accuracy, low cost. Our solutions can run on CPU-only devices. No need to change existing hardwares. 


Software License

Use SeizeFace's 1-vs-N facial identification solution on your own devices offline. Our solution can run on low budget platforms.

SeizeFace Terminal

One stop shop for SeizeFace's 1-vs-N facial identification solution, including pre-configured hardware and software. Handles up to 10k database.

Customized Solutions

We also offer customized solutions such as system integrations to meet your industry specific needs.

How it works

Operate Offline

We achieve state-of-the-art accuracy by consuming only a fraction of resources. Our algorithms can run on CPU-only local devices. We are much faster and more affordable than other Face Recognition vendors.

Plug and Play

Our algorithm can be applied towards a wide range of face search use cases that require fast response time. 

CES 2020

"Reinventing 1-vs-N Face Recognition"

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